Global OEM Solutions

Hydroscand is a leading partner and solution provider to global OEM players (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Regardless of scale and business structure, we always work to establish strong local support from our specially adapted production units around the world.

An effective overall solution

Based on specific customer requirements, we create unique concepts for the production and delivery of hose and line applications. We help from the first CAD drawing until end users can be guaranteed spare parts.
Based on the customer's conditions in the production flow or distribution unit, a delivery solution is tailored. With many years of experience in various logistics and stock replenishment concepts, which in addition to hoses include the supply of adapters and other related products, we find an efficient arrangement that suits your needs. 


Global presence

In Sweden, there are two larger facilities dedicated to the business area, Örebro and Umeå respectively. In addition to these, there are a further six units in Europe and Asia, all of which are coordinated by the Hydroscand Group. All units are specialized to cope with larger production volumes and high demands on delivery reliability.

We are always prepared to build up and establish additional local presence where the need exists.
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